C REWARDS is Crescent Mall’s Premium Loyalty Program offering automatic discounts and lots of exciting promotions. It is integrated with the Crescent Mall Mobile Application allowing Members to accumulate purchase value, points, and redeem rewards at Crescent Mall by just showing the app.

To date, it has gathered over 80,000 users with over 40 participating brands.


Qualified individuals are those from 18 years & above, with legal ID card issued in Vietnam and is currently a resident of Vietnam.

Shoppers can apply for Membership by downloading and registering in the Crescent Mall Mobile Application. At the point of registration, users shall provide their current and accurate personal particulars as requested.


User is entitled to apply for one (1) account and will be assigned only one (1) Crescent Mall Membership per registered mobile phone number. Accumulated purchase value and rewards earned under this Membership account are non-transferable unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions of a particular sub-program or campaign.

Members are strictly prohibited from allowing non-Members to use their Crescent Mall Membership to enjoy its privileges.

All Membership will start from the date of registering to Crescent Mall application

Membership program is renewed and extended annually. Crescent Mall reserves the right to set a fixed Membership period or expiry period for Membership at any time. Crescent Mall reserves the right to cancel or amend the program as it sees fit.

Members will be classified into following Membership tiers: i) Silver Membership, ii) Gold Membership, iii) Platinum Membership, or iv) Special VIP Membership.

Upon successful Membership activation, all Members will be automatically under the Silver Membership. Through scanning receipt function of each Member account on Crescent Mall Mobile Application, Silver Members will be promoted to Gold Membership tier if their total accumulated purchase amount reach to minimum VND 100,000,000 within the first year; or Members will be promoted to the Platinum Membership tier if their total accumulated purchase amount reach to minimum VND 200,000,000 within the first year.


The Member may accumulate purchase value by submitting an image of the receipt of a purchase made at participating stores on the Crescent Mall app.

Receipt to be scanned, in order to be approved, must show the following details: i) Shop name, ii) Mall name, (iii) Purchase amount, (iv) Receipt number, and v) Receipt date and time.

Receipts longer than 30 cm should be shortened by folding the receipt without blocking any of the details that are required for submission stated in this clause. Any image of the receipt should be clear and easily readable. Crescent Mall reserves the right not to accumulate purchase value in the event that the receipt image is unclear or incomplete. Any decision on the validity of the receipt submitted is at Crescent Mall’ sole discretion, and any such decision by Crescent Mall shall be considered final, conclusive, and binding. Submission of the receipt must be no later than 3 days from the date the receipt was issued. The purchase value accumulation may take up to 7 working days to process. An email or notification via the Crescent Mall mobile app may be sent to the Member when the purchase value is accumulated. Members may also check the accumulated purchase value on Crescent Mall mobile application.

Original proof of purchase that has been submitted for accumulation cannot be used to accumulate again. Members should keep proof of the purchase for a minimum of 7 working days or until when the purchase value accumulation has been approved to their Membership account.

Any receipts presented or submitted for accumulation must be issued from the Member’s own purchases. Crescent Mall reserves the right to terminate the Membership immediately and without prior notice if a Member is found to submit another person’s receipt(s) to accumulate purchase value on his/her Membership account.

Accumulated purchase value in Members’ accounts each year will expire when the Member do not reach the minimum purchase accumulation required. Member’s account shall begin with zero value and new accumulation starts after expiry date. The rewards from the year must be redeemed before the expiry date. Any rewards in the Member’s account that has not been redeemed will be removed automatically at the end of expiry date.

Accumulated purchase value may be cancelled, deleted or deducted at Crescent Mall’s sole discretion. Crescent Mall may delay for as long as necessary confirmation process for accumulated purchase value, which may be earned in breach of the terms and conditions or through an abuse of the program.


Upon accumulating purchase value, Members may be eligible for various rewards, such as gift vouchers, cash vouchers, product/service vouchers, and C Point.


·    All Members who purchase and scan receipts on Crescent Mall mobile application will receive C Point corresponding to the standard point percentage assigned per store in Crescent Mall. The percentage of C Point reward varies from time to time and Crescent Mall reserves the right to change the mechanics of C Point earning anytime without prior notice.
·    All C Rewards Members can exchange C Point to gifts, vouchers, and other privileges with value and type defined and assigned by Crescent Mall. C Point gifts, vouchers, and other privileges redemption must be done on Crescent Mall mobile application first. Redemption of the actual items can be done in two ways:
a) Redemption from Crescent Mall Information Desk
b) Redemption from Partner Store
·    C Point will be expired if Member deactivated the account on Crescent Mall Mobile Application.
·    C Point earned is valid for one (1) year from the date of the last transaction. For example: customer earned 1 C Point on June 1, 2022, then this C Point will expire on May 31, 2023.
·    The receipt of C Point is based on the rules of earned points recognized officially by the system.
·    To claim C Point, Members are required to present the redeemed C Point e-voucher on Crescent Mall Mobile Application. Members who intend to claim C Point must have complete user information on the mobile application or any kind of preferable communication forms, which are requested by Crescent Mall to ensure receiving all necessary notifications.


·    Birthday rewards are only applicable for Crescent Mall Gold and Platinum Members during the Member’s birthday month. One (1) time redemption per Member per year only applies.
·    This program is not offered to the staffs, retailers, and contractors of Crescent Mall and Phu My HungCorporation, or their family Members and relatives and other Special VIP Group Members whose Member accounts were manually upgraded related to the said affiliation and thereby considered as “Non-Authentic VIP Member”.
·    This program is applied with mechanics below:
a) Members have to fill in birthday information when signing up in the Crescent Mall mobile application.
b) One (01) VIP Member can redeem one (01) item from each gift type offered for the month of Member’s birthday.
c) Gift items may be limited so first-come-first-served basis applies.
d) To claim the gifts, the VIP Member must present Crescent Mall Mobile App user ID and an identification document to support and verify ownership. VIP Members must provide the exact information with regard to their contact number, identification number or passport number, email address or any kind of preferable communication forms, which are requested by Crescent Mall to ensure receiving all notifications in case of necessity.

·    Crescent Mall lucky wheel game on mobile application is a gifting campaign available to all the Members of C Rewards. It aims to provide rewards to Members as well as promote experience on a gamified mode.
·    One Member is entitled to one (01) spin and one (01) gift for the defined duration of the entire campaign period.
·    This is a marketing program run by Crescent Mall and in no way it is a form of gambling as it is a free game for all C Rewards Members who have downloaded the Crescent Mall Mobile Application. Prizes are not exchangeable to cash. The Lucky Wheel game is run in Crescent Mall Mobile Application as a gamification feature and is available from time-to-time in the mobile application.


Parking reward is applicable for Crescent Mall Gold and Platinum Members holding a valid parking card. Free parking card will only be issued upon presentation of Crescent Mall Membership at Information Desk. Each Member shall provide vehicle details at Information Desk and shall receive one (1) free parking ticket/ vehicle/ Member. Free parking ticket is only available to use within the same day of ticket redemption. Parking rewards are non-exchangeable for cash.

Rewards issued cannot be exchanged for cash or any other items.


Member’s use of the Crescent Mall Mobile Application should be in accordance with any specific instructions that may be provided.

The Crescent Mall Mobile Application will use the location services available in Member’s smartphone. When the smartphone detects that Members are within close proximity to any of the malls, the Crescent Mall Mobile Application may send a push notification to Member via the app. Member may disable this feature by adjusting the location settings on Member’s smartphone.


For lost or stolen mobile which runs Crescent Mall Mobile Application, please notify Information Desk immediately so that the system management department could stop all illegal access to Crescent Mall Membership in time and support Member with recovering Membership on new mobile.

Crescent Mall shall not be held liable for and disclaims any loss of Crescent Mall Membership rewards by redemption from any unauthorized use of the Membership or illegal access by others.

Crescent Mall reserves the right to cancel the Crescent Mall Membership and forfeit all accumulated purchase value on the Crescent Mall Membership of any Member who is found to have manipulated the usage of the Crescent Mall Membership in any unacceptable manner in violation of the Crescent Mall Membership Terms & Conditions.

Crescent Mall reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions herein, the privileges, and cease and/or terminate the Crescent Mall Membership program without prior notice.

These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Vietnam.

(*) This C Rewards program is not applicable for receipts issued by CoopXtra Premium, Robins, H&M, CGV, Haidilao, Viet Thuong Music School, KingCross, Jaguar Land Rover Euro Care, and Muji. This receipt limitation is subject to change without prior notice.


This Privacy Policy discloses how Crescent Mall collects, stores, and handles the personal information or data (“Personal information”) of its Customers as Crescent Mall’s Members.

Crescent Mall respects concern of Customers about personal information privacy.
The issued clauses represent Crescent Mall’s policy with regard to the collection, usage, processing, and disclosure of personal information in accordance with regulations of Vietnamese laws.

1.     Personal Information and methods of Personal information collection:

Personal information includes:
a) Contact information (such as name, postal address, email address and mobile or other phone numbers), age, ID card number, date of birth, gender and any other personal information; and
b) Other contents (such as photographs and comments).
Customers may choose to provide Personal information to Crescent Mall in various ways, such as when applying for Crescent Mall Membership or participation in promotion programs or other privileges.

2.     Purposes of Personal information collection:

Personal information of Members will be kept confidential but may be used and/or disclosed by Crescent Mall for the following purposes:
a) To process information for registering as Members, to store and manage Personal information of Members.
b) To contact, inform and to provide Members with any advertising information, services or products and manage programs in which Members take part such as special events, contests, sweepstakes programs and surveys (for purposes of researching and analyzing customers’ profile, behavior, trends and activities).
c) To support access to and use of the Crescent Mall Website and mobile services relating to Crescent Mall Membership.
d) To respond to any queries and questions from customers.
e) To prevent and detect fraud.
3.    Usage of Personal information:

Crescent Mall may allow usage of Personal Information through the following parties:
a) Service providers for advertising purposes, sending invitation letters for special events, text messaging and other modes of communication;
b) Relevant authorities as required and/or under the applicable laws.
4.     Members’ rights to collected Personal information:

a) Refuse to receive any advertising information from Crescent Mall.
b) Request Crescent Mall to stop processing Personal information for advertising purposes or any direct sale purposes.
(c) Access and/or make supplement, corrections to Personal information.
(d) Withdraw any consent previously confirmed to Crescent Mall in relation with using, processing and disclosing Personal information or stop registration as Member at any time.  
In some circumstances, if Members do not want their Personal information to be used or disclosed, it means that such Members cannot receive advertising and promotion information from Crescent Mall.
(e) Request Crescent Mall to examine, update, amend, delete their Personal information including the deactivation/disabling/deletion of account from Crescent Mall mobile application.
Members can exercise any of the aforementioned rights by:
·         Sending requests via email:
·         Call hotline: (+84) 9 0879 3907

5.     Time for Personal information retention:

Crescent Mall will retain all Personal information provided by Members on our internal system in the period of products, services provision or as long as fulfilling the purposes which it was collected or until the Personal information are required to be deactivated/disabled/deleted by Member. Upon Member request of deactivation/disabling/deletion of Member account, all personal information therein will be deleted from the system.

6.     Amendment to and language of Personal information Privacy Policy:

Crescent Mall reserves the right to revise the clauses of this “Personal information Privacy Policy” at any time and the updated versions will be informed to Customers through Crescent Mall’s communication materials. Customers shall be deemed to have agreed to such revision(s) if you do not withdraw their consents to Crescent Mall on the usage, storage, processing and disclosure of Personal information.
In the event of any inconsistency in interpretation between the Vietnamese version and any other languages, this Privacy Policy statement in Vietnamese will prevail.

7.     By providing Personal information to Crescent Mall and signing this application form, Customers hereby confirm that you have read and agreed to the clauses under this statement on “Personal information Privacy Policy”.